Property investment

Real estate. Certainty in today's precarious times. Only money that you invest appropriately, tirelessly and continuously works for you. No wage or rest. But you have to choose where to send them.

Recreation areas with the highest investment potential

Modern times imply higher demands for meaningful leisure time. Life's pace is accelerating. Many people work very intensively. Therefore, more often than ever, they are looking for a place to actively relax and recharge their batteries. They choose locations that offer them the peace of mind they want to relax, but also all the convenience of services within easy reach and ample opportunities for active leisure. For example in the form of light hiking, interesting water activities in the summer, or skiing in the winter months.

Beautiful Šumava and Lipno dam area

Our largest water area is lined with the virgin nature of the Šumava Mountains. Area year-round sought by tourists looking for recreation in a quiet and clean environment with all available services. The most sought after and appreciated are the possibilities of accommodation directly by the water.

Appropriately invested funds work for you

Expand your investment portfolio with a property with a high potential for appreciation. Thanks to the great interest in recreational activities, you can earn a certain income by renting it. The location of the property guarantees the year-round interest of clients. Tourism in the Lipno Dam area is growing on average by 6% per year and this trend is permanent. Your property earns its operations and, in addition, keeps the value of the invested funds, which protects against inflation. For your perfect comfort, we also offer year-round facility management during your absence. You will be provided with all services related to the operation. You can fully focus on the financial side of the investment.